The Levels Of Christian Maturity

Being a Christian requires quite a bit of effort. One doesn’t become a saint over night…especially while struggling with the trials we all face while sojourning in this world. The key thing to remember is that we must come to the Lord with faith first. We have to believe that He has the power to save and that He is willing to deliver us through our struggles.

Once we begin to believe in God’s saving power, we then can have hope in the midst of persecutions, doubts, and uncertainty.  A Christian who has hope is a very powerful instrument that the Lord can use to touch others who desperately need their lives touched.
Levels of MaturityBut a Christian cannot move mountains for the Kingdom of Heaven with just faith and hope.  Christians must also learn how to love, and not only love others like themselves, but also to love others who are different and even hostile to them.  Christ reminds us that nothing that is flesh and blood is our enemy.  If we remember this admonition, we can learn to love others…even those who plan harm to us.

As with anything though, it requires prayer and studying the Scriptures to learn the mastery of loving.  It is the objective of every Christian to become Christ-like, and the only way to achieve the image of Christ is to love as He did.  Ultimately, once we are in Heaven, we will all be transformed into beings who share the mind of Christ in all things.  We will begin to share in the Divine Nature as the Children of God.  God bless you as you learn to build upon your faith and hope to find the ability to love in any situation!

Donald Baker

I'm currently finishing up my MBA at the University of Louisville. I'm Southern Baptist and lean conservative politically.